Herbs from home & garden

As part of the Creation Care team I was asked if I would be able to talk to the Monday club on ways to be ‘Greener’ around the home.

I was able to take an extended lunch break from my ‘day job’ just across the road at Anne of Cleves House and Museum, where I am immersed in all things ‘Tudor’. I had recently led some workshops at Lewes Priory Park at the launch of the Priory Trust’s kitchen garden on Medieval Colour and Scent, focussing on dye plants and strewing herbs. This led me to recall the words of Winston Churchill ‘The further back one looks, the further forward one may see’. In other words we can learn from the past. I thought this would be a good opportunity to look at how herbs can be used around the house and garden today as an opportunity to reduce the use of nasty chemicals that go on to pollute the air, waterways and harm the environment.

In days gone by, herbs were central to household economies not just for flavouring and preserving food or for providing medicines but also for jobs around the house and garden. Herbs were incorporated in to roof thatch, they were used to cover floors, to clean, polish and disinfect utensils and to sweeten and purify musty air. It is not just historical interest or nostalgia that makes the idea of using herbs attractive to us today. Herbal dyes are still unsurpassed for subtlety of colour and aromatic herbs contain antiseptic oils useful for cleaning. But beyond this the fresh fragrance of herbs has a way of pushing our thoughts past the strictly utilitarian. To fold sheets scented with lavender water or to polish furniture with sweet marjoram scented wax changes the chore to a pleasure. Perhaps it reminds us of the seasons or gives us a sense of continuity with the past. Whatever the reason herbalists through the ages have told us that fresh sweet scents will lift our spirits and modern research confirms this assertion.

The Psalms tell us that God has given us “herbs for the service of man.” Ps.104:14.

So, what exactly is a herb. Whilst I was studying botany at college we were taught a herb is any seed-bearing plant which does not have a woody stem and dies down to the ground after flowering i.e. herbaceous. For example “the banana plant is the world’s largest herb”. But in general parlance a h

erb is any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavouring, food, medicine, or perfume. Usually we think of a relatively small range of plants that are used for culinary purposes such as Thyme, Coriander, Sage, Parsley, Rosemary, Mint, Basil and Chives. Yet John Parkinson’s ‘Herbal’ ( A herbal was a book describing plants and their uses) of 1640 contains  accounts of 3800 herbs. Written herbals were produced in Britain as early as the 10th Century and initially the Medieval Church encouraged scientific enquiry as a means of glorifying and becoming closer to God (and while this attitude was to change as the centuries progressed it is certainly something I could agree with today.) The monasteries became centres for learning and research, cultivating physic gardens and introducing new plants. If you get a chance it is worth going to look at both the Lewes Priory herb garden and the new Medieval Vegetable Garden.

Today the growing of herbs also brings their benefits to the garden. Herb gardens, not only look colourful and are relatively easy to maintain. Many herbs can be grown as companion plants helping to control pests and diseases. Herbs can easily be grown even if you only have a balcony, patio or window box. Many of them will take to being grown on the window sill .Herbs  can be used in cooking, are fantastic in attracting pollinating insects such as bees and hoverflies, and  provide a great nectar source for butterflies and moths. Interestingly although herbs attract ‘good’ insects they can also be used to prevent ‘bad’ ones causing problems.

One of the most important uses of herbs in Tudor times was for Strewing, where herbs would be thrown (strewn)on to rushes or straw used to cover the floors of houses and halls, in place of carpets. As well as smelling nice many herbs could repel insects and some had disinfectant properties.  Some herbs would help to keep flies, moths, and other insects and even mice away. Of course, Strewing of herbs is not practical today, but bunches of herbs can be hung in the kitchen, in wardrobes or placed in draws to keep insects away and to make everywhere smell pleasant.

There are many books on herbs concentrating on culinary or medicinal herbs but here I’d like to look at other ways that God has provided herbs for the service of man.

Below is a list of herbs some are mentioned in the bible, others have religious stories or legends attached but all of them can be put to use in the home today.

Meadow Sweet has a sweet smell and was Elizabeth I’s favourite strewing herb, flowering tops can be put in to draws to scent linen

Lady’s Bedstraw, Light green sprawling fluffy herb with clusters of airy yellow flowers. as the name suggests was used to stuff pillows and mattresses. It kills fleas and the roots also provide a red dye. Mary is said to have prepared the Christ child’s bed with this herb. Thereafter it was known as Our Lady’s Bedstraw, and the formerly white flower-heads turned to a golden hue. “And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger. There is quite a lot growing in the South churchyard at Southover .

Bay was used in wealthy households, and was also thought to keep lightening away. Put in flour bin and around dried figs to deter weevils

Tansy, place on shelves or in cupboards to deter  ants, disturb the leaves occasionally to release more scent and produced a good yellow dye. Grown near fruit trees it will deter insects

Mint and Tansy in store cupboards will help to deter mice also repels Mint was well known as being used for flavoring food as it still is today. Some bible experts say mint was among the “bitter herbs” mentioned. Mint was valued for its fresh aroma and sweet taste and often used to flavour meat. Also an important “strewing” herb, mint stems were hung in doorways and thrown on dirt floors to mask the effects of inadequate sanitation. Luke 11:42 “But woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass over judgment and the love of God: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone” 

Penny Royal, a type of low growing mint, also known as fleabane kills insects especially fleas, deters ants and repels ticks along with chamomile it was planted in turf benches, when sat on released their fragrances. You can see a turf bench at the new Lewes priory trust kitchen garden in Priory Park.

Wormwood, In Jeremiah 23: 15 wicked prophets are threatened with wormwood to eat and poisoned water to drink.

Proverbs 5:4 speaks of a woman who is bitter as wormwood and sharp as a two-edged sword.

Wormwood is a strong insect, and moth repellent also helps to repel mice. On the embers of an open fire the smoke leas and lice. Can be used to make a strong household disinfectant, weaker it can be used for an insecticide on older plants. Grown near brassicas it will help to dispel Cabbage White butterflies

Basil, a well-known culinary herbplant grown on the window sill will keep flies away

Sweet woodruff dried leaves under carpets and with linen to deter insects

Hyssop, is fragrant and is the sacred and cleansing herb of the Bible.

Psalms 51:7 is an example of hyssop as a purifying and cleansing herb: “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”

When Jesus hung on the cross he said he was thirst and they held a sponge with vinegar on hyssop to his mouth. John 19:29. I like to use hyssop along with sage, thyme, rosemary and lavender in four Thieves vinegar, so called as , according to legend thieves robbing the bodies of plague victims warded off the black death with this. Presumably the herbs used would help prevent the fleas that spread plague. It now can be used as an excellent salad dressing.

Rosemary  often strewn in churches.  Not only does it kill and repel insects, leaves and a stem boiled in water for 10 minutes provides a disinfectant. The less water the stronger the disinfectant. This can be used for cleaning taps and sinks in the bathroom and scenting other parts of the house. Sage, thyme and Lavender can also be used this way.  Branches of fresh Rosemary in a room can cool the air. Stems can be used as barbecue skewers. For centuries people thought that rosemary plants would grow no higher than 6 feet in 33 years so as not to stand taller than Christ. Another Story tells that the flowers were all originally white but changed to blue when the Virgin Mary hung her cloak on a bush while fleeing from Herod’s soldiers with the Christ child. In medieval times it was burned to cleanse the altar. And was added to love sachets or place under the bed and above the door to protect from harm. Besides the historic uses, rosemary is best known for remembrance and friendship.

Sage-  Salvia, comes from Latin meaning to be in good health, it is a very powerful healing plant, put leaves among Linen to discourage insects. Boil in water to disinfect a room. Sage smoke deodorises animal and cooking smells

Thyme- Loved by bees, produces esteemed honey. Can be used to make a strong household disenfectant

Lavender a very popular plant makes a good informal hedge attracts bees and other beneficial insects. Put dried flowers in sachets and bunches to scent draws and protect linens from moths. Rub fresh flowers on skin or pin on clothes to deter flies. The plant is believed to have been taken from the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve. However, the powerful perfume came later. According to legend the clothing of baby Jesus when laid upon a bush to dry by Mother Mary bestowed the scent. This may explain why the plant is also regarded as a holy safeguard against evil. In many Christian houses a cross of lavender was hung over the door for protection

Soapwort-  just cover in soft water (rain) and boil for 30 minutes then use soapy liquid to wash and revive delicate and fabrics.

Horsetail– A very pernicious weed, very difficult to eradicate, this proves that l plants are provided for the service of man, we only need to find that use. Horsetail makes a great pot scourer. Rub a handful of dried stems on the pot and rinse off. Make a metal polish by using fresh horsetail soak for at least 2 hours then boil in the same water for 15 mins. Pour over metal or pewter objects and soak for 5 mins. Remove articles leave to dry and polish with a soft cloth

Sweet Marjoram and Oregano  a good plant for attracting bees and pollinating insects, it also grows in Southover Churchyarduse pulverised leaves or add a strong decoction to furniture polish. Grow to attract bees and butterflies.

Yarrow-  Sweet milfoil, chop a small amount of leaves and put to a barrow load of compost to aid decomposition, helps nearby plants to resist disease and helps to deepen their fragrance Branches deter moths and other insects, lay in drawers and under carpets. Hang in wardrobes and distribute amongst books

Chives- Grow to deter aphids, apple scab and mildew. Infuse leaves as a spray for aphids, apple scab and mildew

Borage-  grown near strawberries they both help each other’s growth, attractive to bees

Lemon Balm – plant around beehives and fruit trees to attract pollinating insects. Juice can be added to furniture polish for a nice scent

Sorrel juice can be used to bleach rust, mould and ink stains from linen, wicker and silver.

This is just a short list of some of the many beneficial herbs that can be used around the house.


Martin Pett, Creation Care Team


The season of holidays is upon us and for many of us that means a chance to put our feet up in the sunshine – unless of course you’re off on a mountain climbing holiday or cycling across Europe –  but then that does rather depend how you define ‘rest’! As we head off on family holiday next week I’ve been thinking again about what it means to rest, or to take Sabbath.

As Christians we often talk of the importance of rest – after all God rested on the 7th day (Gen 2: 2-3)

‘And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating he had done’

In fact when God created man, he did so on the sixth day. So for Adam and Eve the first full day they have on earth they spend resting. That’s BEFORE they do any work. And God does have work for them, he created them to work in and look after the garden (and whether you take Genesis literally or metaphorcially, it’s still clearly showing rest before work).

And yet for many of us, it’s rarely that way is it? When do we rest? It is a biblical principal and even if it weren’t I think we’d all agree we need regular breaks, rests or a holiday from all the ‘creating’ we do. Where do you get your rest? How do you get your rest?

A rather wise spiritual director once told me that I should learn what things energise me and what sap my energy, in those I would find the balance between work, rest and play (to quote a once well know chocolate ad).

In this 21st century world, getting real rest is not easy is it? There is always something to do. Even for Christians, actually having a Sabbath, a day of rest, is almost impossible. A friend of mine, Shelly Miller, wrote about Sabbath in her books  “Rhythms of Rest” which helps us to look at ways to find rest in modern society.

And I really think it is a word for our time, in the West we are entrenched in a society that is obsessed with working, with filling every hour, with being busy and ‘doing’.  I made a vow a while back to stop saying ‘I am busy’ and not using it as an excuse. If we are too busy then that can’t be right, it can’t be what God intended, after all he is the author of time, something I am reminded of on a regular basis! And of course that’s what Sabbath is all about, not just rest, but time to rest with God.

One of my favourite words in the bible is ‘Selah’. We don’t truly know the meaning of the word, but the description I favour most is one that suggests a pause or rest, a break in proceedings to reflect. Probably a musical term or an indication to musicians, it features throughout the Psalms and one can imagine perhaps a stop to take a breath before continuing. It’s a word that has really spoken to me, it says something of rest but also of reflecting on where God is in our rest and in our lives. I even had it tattooed onto my wrist to remind me to take those Selah moments more often. But even as I try to work that into my day, my week, there is also something so necessary about a complete and utter rest. Complete rest from work, from the distractions at home, the to-do lists and jobs, and to have space in our lives and in our minds to rest. And often I find that in those times of giving myself space, I see God more clearly, I can see the way ahead more clearly.

So I for one am looking forward to a few weeks doing very little but hoping also to meet with God in that space, but I also want to encourage you, whatever this summer holds for you, to have a think about how and where you get your rest and finding a rhythm of rest or Selah that works for you…



Jules Middleton


Mary and I have just returned from completing the first 3 weeks of the Amos Trust “Just Walk to Jerusalem”.

We are a small band of walkers asking for peace, justice and reconciliation for all who call the Holy Land home.Over the three weeks we have trodden in the steps of pilgrims down the ages, on two very ancient pilgrimage routes: The Pilgrims Way, from London to Canterbury Cathedral, and on from there along the Via Francigena, heading for Rome.


Our little group outside a mediaeval castle totally devastated and rebuild after WW 1

So, why have we decided to go on this walk?  Each of us has different reasons, but we are all united in a common goal: to promote justice, peace and reconciliation in the country where the common father of Jews and Muslims lived, Abraham, from whom even Christians claim their parenthood by faith.
Perhaps we can see Abraham as the first pilgrim.
Pilgrimage involves being called out of the safety of home and stability; from the familiar and safe to the unfamiliar and slightly dangerous.  It involves a break from the security of our little nest to the adventure of the open road.
Pilgrimage is physically demanding and demands determination and some little courage. We found ourselves bound by very strong ties to our fellow pilgrims with whom we lived and walked.

Most of the conversation centres around feet

Abraham is said to be the first pilgrim. He responded to the call of God,

Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. “I will make you into a great nation,
and I will bless you; I will make your name great and you will be a blessing. …and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you”.



The journey with his father from Ur was 600 miles, and his journey of faith from Haran to Shechem a further 400 miles.  Abram was asked to abandon his people, his land and his gods, and have the courage to put his trust in the creator God who as yet he hardly knew. Through many twists and turns of his journey he kept believing, and discovered a God who was faithful in all His covenant promises to him, receiving a son through his barren wife Sarah, from whom through many generations Jesus sprang, fulfilling the promise that all the nations of the earth would be blessed through Him.


Jesus himself took up the pilgrim life. Having received His call at His baptism, he journeyed through the land, teaching His small band of followers, with nowhere to lay His head, until setting His face towards Jerusalem He made the final journey to Golgotha, where He made the final sacrifice, setting His people free to follow Him through death and resurrection to the promised Land of a new heaven and earth, where we will all finally rest from our pilgrim travels.

Each one of us is called to make a pilgrim journey, abandoning the ties that bind us, and giving up all our petty gods to follow Jesus on the road to which he calls us, travelling with our fellow pilgrims in Trinity, here in Lewes, but united to that greater band who follow their own personal call to follow their Saviour along the various roads on which we are called to travel, arriving at our final destination, the Holy city of a new united heaven and earth, centred on Christ whom we worship.





Ian Hempshall

MAF, believe nothing should stop people from receiving the love of God and the essentials of life – no matter how remote they are. Their vision is to see 'isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ's name.' They use aviation and technology, because in many places those are the only ways to reach isolated people in need.

For more information about MAF, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

John Norris

John Norris is an aspiring part time metal sculptor from Hurstpierpoint. He bought a welder in December 2018 and started tinkering in his spare time. He dreams of one day being able to make a full time career out of metal sculpting. The pieces on display at the Lewes Art Wave festival are still some of his very first creations!

'I get a kick out of being able to give old and redundant materials a new lease of life, everything from cutlery and old machine tools to bicycles and sheet metal off cuts. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to be able to turn obsolete scrap in to interesting, innovative and recognizable forms that I hope will bring pleasure and enjoyment to others for years to come'

You can check out Johns' story so far on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook at the following links. See his work come to life ….

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johnnorrismetalsculpture/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRcyXuyQRlY0n-W6fNFqkg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnNorrisMetalSculpture/

Martina LaTrobe Bateman

Martina is an artist and theology student with a background in professional photography and this is her second time exhibiting at TRINITY. Her photographic work this year considers how experiencing the world through digital media has changed our perception of it, while her community sculpture project invites to look inward and explore themes of holiness and wholeness.

Join her on her quest and journey to learn to encounter the physical world afresh in a way that requires all senses and personal dimensions of body, mind and soul as a countercultural gesture vis-à-vis our ocular centric society.

Sarah Horne

Sarah is an award-winning Illustrator, author and painter. With an illustration career spanning 18 years, Sarah has illustrated for many clients including Kew Gardens, IKEA and The Guardian. Her staple work comes from illustrating funny children’s books. Her latest book CHARLIE CHANGES INTO A CHICKEN is the best selling debut middle grade book of 2019.

The work displayed here as part of the ARTWAVE Festival is Sarah’s painting practice. In contrast to her children’s publishing work, this work is quieter and more contemplative. This is work produced over 13 years and inspired by times of prayer, worship and meditation.

The theme JOURNEY is a very wide and poignant one. Sarah’s paintings explore themes of journeying: the stepping out, the wide spaces, the finding of true north and the concept of home.

Suzanne Hennegrave Artist and Educator BA Hons, MA

Suzanne is a semi-abstract, contemporary landscape painter and a teacher. She is inspired by the land, sea and big skies. She paints in oils and mixed-media from memory and experience, and her work is developed using artistic intuition.  She says ‘my greatest loves are atmospheric weather and fleeting light and this I try to capture in my work, through my own emotional response.

My work for Artwave 2019 reflects on the theme ‘journeys’ in many ways. It depicts my physical journeys into the beautiful countryside that surrounds Lewes; misty pathways, rolling hills, waves crashing on the shore or an arresting sunset. It reflects my creative journey; my art is continually evolving. I try to dig deep inside of myself to bring out what is true for me in the hope that this will make my art more alive and full of wonder.  Being an artist is often about not knowing, it is about taking risks and experimenting; mistakes are my friend. The creative journey is by nature similar to the spiritual and emotional one.  The spiritual life is also largely about process rather than product. A dominant metaphor for spirituality is the journey, which evokes a sense of constant movement and progression. We never fully arrive but are always unfolding and discovering. Spirituality is also about a process of integration – of slowly bringing the whole of ourselves and our experiences to our crafting of meaning. Engaging in the arts as a spiritual practice means honouring the process of meaning making, of cultivating a relationship to mystery.’


Having served as conductor for Lewes Sings Gospel since its inception in Autumn 2009 Karen Gibson has handed on the baton to Marsha Morrison to continue leading the choir forward as Karen herself focusses her time on "The Kingdom Choir" following their appearance at the Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle and their subsequent rise to prominence.


Marsha is herself heavily involved in The Kingdom Choir both singing live and arranging a number of tracks on their recent album. She is an extremely accomplished performer, arranger, conductor and coach and brings all her experience to her work with LSG.


Marsha brings a fantastic mixture of energy, passion and encouragement to get the best from the choir, enable quick learning and ensure a really positive experience at every rehearsal.

Jeremy Bamber
Associate Vicar

Jeremy has been at TRINITY since 1989, although only in an ordained capacity since 2009.  Before the privilege of getting the very best job in the world (Associate Vicar at TRINITY), he had the second best job in the world (being a much-travelled project manager for BP for 30 years)!


Jeremy has been married to a long-suffering Fiona for almost 40 years, and they have 3 grown-up sons.  He loves just about any physical activity, but especially cycling, walking and people-watching.


Contact Jeremy


Christine Angell
TRINITY Administrator

Contact Christine

Dave Sinclair
Youth Minister

Contact Dave

Janette Watkins
Pastoral Minister

Janette has been coming to the church since 1997 and is the Pastoral Minister, looking after those people in the community going through difficult times. Her back ground was in banking for 26 years and was also 12 years Treasurer of the church .


She is married to husband Graham, who she met whilst singing in the worship group that he was leading at church. She also started the ministry of Southover Community Care, seeing that there was a desperate need for good community care in Lewes


We are both very involved with our Nieces and have been doing all the University runs over the years. A keen tennis fan, watching and playing and enjoying the countryside.


Contact Janette

07866 301384

Rev Jules Middleton
Associate Vicar

Jules joined the TRINITY team in 2016. As Associate Vicar her role is very varied but she has a particular passion for living out faith incarnationally in the community. In this respect she oversees our local mission work under the 'Love in Action’ banner, which includes our community cafe: Café12/31.


She is married to Phil, who is part of the worship team, and they have 3 children.


Jules also loves to write and regularly blogs about church leadership and vocation in the church.


Contact Jules

Martin Dyer
Associate Minister

Martin along with Emma, Micah, Apphia & Toby (Golden Lab) have been at TRINITY since 2015. Martin's work is focussed around music in worship, leading our community choir Lewes Sings Gospel and overseeing operations and communications.


Emma helps to lead a number of ministries to Pre-School children and families and their children both attend Southover Primary School.


As a family they love heading out on bike rides, camping in their van and going out for coffee and cake!

Contact Martin

Jo Marks, Figurative artist

Jo Marks is a British figurative artist. Using graphic lines, her chalk and charcoal drawings are developed from a fascination with the human form.

Having studied life drawing and sculpture for years, Jo says she is “always looking for the perfect line which says a lot with very little”.

Her unedited marks reflect the energy and urgency with which the subject was observed. Whether these marks are intuitively abstract or more true to life, they always express an authentic understanding of form.

Exploring femininity as her central theme, Jo’s drawings are simultaneously tender and strong. She says: “Having recently become a mother I am in awe of how wonderfully we are made. We are incredibly strong, although I know at times I feel the opposite. It is this contrast, this vulnerability which I try to communicate”.

While Jo tries to reflect this sense of dichotomy in her carefully balanced compositions, she also aims to ensure her work brings a sense of peace. “Knowing when to stop is a huge challenge, I never want to over-bake my pieces but instead reflect the joy with which they were made.”

Martina La Trobe-Bateman, Photographer

‘What Lies Hidden’

Martina was struck by the stories of pain, suffering and incredible strength and integrity she discovered just among friends and family. All hidden behind the socially acceptable facade of: ‘I’m fine’.

Using the limitations of photographic representation to mimic human interaction that can be limited to a skin-level or outside interaction, she highlights the fact that all of us have another story to tell, and to awaken the senses to the complexity of the “other” we are meeting every day.

For this series she has photographed women with a hidden illness or trauma. The women choose a flower, branch or other foliage to represent the fact that there is more to discover than can be seen on the outside. The choice of foliage or its positioning may reveal something about their illness or struggle and how it affects their relationships and identity.

Julie Janvrin, Sculptor

Although I have been sculpting in clay for many years, it was as a mature student that I went to study ceramics at Falmouth College of Art. Returning to Sussex I set up my own studio producing figurative stoneware sculpture. Singers, dancers, performers, some written over with sonnets or songs, my work reflects my love of literature and my early career in the theatre. I constantly go back to basics, which for me is an endless exploration of the human form.

The theme of Communication for this exhibition is a broad one. Visibly, verbally and tangibly, art is the great communicator, giving us fresh insight into the human condition. I like the image in the bible of the body being the temple of the soul. I hope these quiet abstract nudes have a meditative quality - meditation being perhaps one of the purest forms of communication.

The other two figures were inspired by events in the life of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, but they are very modern tragedies. A Syrian refugee, her child in her arms and her possessions on her back, flees her country. A mother cradles her son after violence on a Hackney street. Only you, the viewer can say what, if anything they communicate, but if you have paused to look and wonder for a moment why these things happen, then thank you.

Suzanne Hennegrave, Artist and Educator BA Hons, MA


Suzanne Hennegrave is a semi-abstract, contemporary landscape painter and a teacher. She is inspired by the land, sea and big skies. She paints in oils and mixed-media from memory and experience and her work is developed using artistic intuition.

Her greatest loves are atmospheric weather and fleeting light and this she tries to capture in her work, through her own emotional response.  She hopes that her paintings will encourage viewers to foster a greater appreciation of their natural surroundings also.

‘If we do not engage with God’s creation in a joyful way, there is no hope of healing.’


Hmmm Cake…

Our cakes are all homemade and baked with love – as priced

Daily free from gluten and dairy cake choice

Vegan option

Fruit scone, cream and jam                          2.50

Cheese straw                                                    60p


A spot of lunch…

Homemade soup of the day (vg / gf)          3.90

With a chunk of local bread & butter

Grazer plates

Cheese, ham or hummus                               4.90

With local bread, homemade chutney & coleslaw

(gf bread & df spread available)

Puff Pizza

Tomato and mozzarella                                 3.00

Caramelised red onion & goats cheese       4.00

Jacket Spuds

Just butter (dairy free available)                  3.00

Cheese / beans / hummus / coleslaw          50p per filling

Tuna Mayo                                                         90p

Piece of fruit                                                      40p


For the kids…

Mini soup of the day                              2.10

Mini grazer                                             2.90

Carrot soldiers with

Cheese or hummus                              2.20

Bread and butter                                  1.50

Apples / Bananas                                 60p

Ellas Kitchen Sachets
& Organix snacks

Love in a mug…                                          

Organic Triple Certified Espresso Beans

100% Arabica. Fairtrade Papua New Guinea 60%

Fairtrade Rainforest Alliance Honduras 40%

Hot Drinks One Shot Two Shot
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Mini Me Babyccino 60p Lil' Hot Chocolate 70p


Cream & Marshmallows 30p
Flavoured Syrup 60p
Extra shot of coffee 30p
Dairy alternatives (Soya/Oat) 25p
Cold Drinks
Shake of the day £2.50
Glass of milk 60p
Fruit Juice Carton 80p
Folkingtons £1.75
Ubuntu Cola £1.00
San Pellegrino £1.30
Belvior Presse £1.80
Sussex Orchard Apple £1.90
Jug of squash £1.50
Aquapax Water £1.00
Sparking Water £1.00


The TRINITY Centre
Abinger Place

Manager // Joy Shave


Opening Hours

10am - 4pm

Tuesday // Wednesday // Thursday // Friday

Food served all day

Dogs welcome


Saturday // 9am - 1pm // Drinks and cakes only


Please get in touch if you would like to know more about Café12/31 or just drop in to see us!

Loving our neighbour //

Café12/31 is a project of TRINITY church, built on the ethos of being a place of love and welcome. In fact, our name comes from the bible verse Mark 12:31 ‘love your neighbour’ and that’s exactly what we are aiming to do. All that we do at Café12/31 is rooted in the love of God and we want to show that love to all our customers by aiming to become a true community café, a place for all to feel welcome and that they belong.

Café12/31 is especially friendly to young families, with our onsite playroom for pre-schoolers, and plenty of space to stash buggies. We have been developing links to other organisations and groups, creating a hub for the whole community, as well as hosting a range of fun events.

Loving our environment //

As part of an 'Eco church', Café12/31 is guided by the TRINITY Creation Care team, so that we can be as environmentally friendly as possible. We’ve sourced the best take away containers from 'Vegware' and are also big fans of ‘Plastic Free Lewes’, aiming to use as little single use plastic as possible.

Wherever we can we are supporting the Lewes area and stocking local produce, keeping down our carbon footprint. Our coffee is triple certified - fairtrade, rainforest alliance and organic soil association.

Loving our customers //

We’ll also have some delicious ‘free from’ options on our menu, including vegan and gluten free. We offer soya and oat milk alternatives at no extra charge. TRINITY also aims to be nut free and whilst we cannot guarantee our premises are nut free, we do not use any nut containing ingredients and are aiming to make the venue as safe as possible for those with nut allergies.

We are blessed with lovely customers of many ages and our four legged friends on Fridays too! Do pop in and see us sometime.


Serving In Mission is an international mission organization with more than 4,000 workers serving in more than 70 countries. Convinced that no one should live and die without hearing God’s good news, SIM members serve God among many diverse people groups in every continent.


We had supported the work of MECO (Middle East Christian Outreach) for many years and in 2016, MECO UK & Ireland merged with SIM. Now SIM is recruiting and sending workers to serve in the Middle East, continuing the work of MECO by serving together with Middle Eastern believers to strengthen the Church and to share Christ’s love with others.


SIM workers cross barriers to proclaim the crucified and risen Christ, expressing His love and compassion among those who live and die without Him, and making disciples who will become part of Christ-centred churches.


For more information about SIM, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Established in 1848 BHCM seeks to serve the City, with the Church, for Christ.


BHCM care practically and spiritually for many with needs around the city. They currently serve through three teams, Schools, Food Bank and Rest Homes.


The Brighton Food Bank exists to help families and individuals going through times of crisis.  This is done primarily through food parcels, but also through supporting clients emotionally, physically, and spiritually, whilst also signposting them to other agencies across the city for expert advice. As a Christian food bank BHCM are privileged to share their faith with clients, and offer prayer when welcomed.


For more information about Brighton & Hove City Mission, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

A Rocha UK are a Christian conservation charity working to protect and restore the natural world both nationwide and through local projects as in Southall where the A Rocha UK Centre is located.


TRINITY member David Melville has been working part time for over 7 years with ARUK, latterly as Education Manager in west London in two areas – Minet Country Park a living legacy and in the Wolf Fields Community Gardens, a new venture.


He has encouraged the next generation of local primary school children (3000 footfall 2017) by having an environmental encounter through activities all linked to the national curriculum, always giving credit to the Creator.


For more information about A Rocha, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Passion for Sport uses media to introduce sports fans to Jesus.


Passion for Sport traces its roots back to 1991 when missionary radio producers from Reach Beyond reported from the World Student Games in Sheffield. Their sports content with a Christian perspective is so well received they report the following year from the Barcelona Olympic Games in English and Spanish.


Passion For Sport reports from major sporting events including the FIFA World Cup™, Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup, World Championships in Athletics and Olympic Games. An increasing number of commercial radio stations broadcast their content, and they plan to add video reports and expand their reach into social media and digital channels.


In 2014, 1,350 radio stations broadcast content produced in English and Spanish from the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


For more information about Passion For Sport, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

For several years we've been supporting the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea (PNG),
specifically the Iduna Translation Project. 

The Iduna New Testament was first published in 1982, and is currently being revised, and the Old Testament is a work in progress.  Teams of translators visit the Alotau Regional Centre, in the Milne Bay Province, on a regular basis, in order to carry out translation checking. Joe and Heather Patrick are the current centre managers.


Our support of the Iduna translation is specifically in the area of travel to, and accommodation at, the Centre, and also in supporting other language groups which do not have outside funding.


For more information about Wycliffe, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE


Tearfund is a Christian organisation that's "passionate about ending poverty".


They follow Jesus where the need is greatest, working through local churches to unlock people's potential and helping them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves. Tearfund responds quickly when disasters strike and won't stop until poverty stops.


For more information about Tearfund, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Life in Abundance International

Life In Abundance is an African founded, faith-based community development organisation serving in 14 countries throughout Africa and the Caribbean. They seek to partner and empower the local church to break the cycle of poverty within some of the poorest and most maginalised communities by restoring health, renewing hope and inspiring lasting transformation.


Their unique, proven and sustainable model of transformational development builds on the spiritual truth that the Gospel should bring about changes within the spiritual, social and material dimensions of a community to improve the human condition with a “wholistic” approach.


For more information about Life In Abundance, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Prison Fellowship UK exists to reach out to prisoners with the love of Jesus.
Its work is based largely on volunteers, who can be found in many different roles.
Volunteers from TRINITY Lewes & other churches are involved in many different activities - visiting Lewes prisoners on the wings, helping in prison chapel services, talking and praying with prisoners showing them love and acceptance.  Volunteers run a creche for prisoners’ children during families’ visiting hours, guitar courses, Sycamore Tree courses to enable prisoners to look at the effect of their crimes on their victims and seek to make changes in their lives,  Alpha courses,  letter writing and correspondence; and helping prisoners send Christmas presents to their children, through Angel Tree.
We also meet privately for monthly prayer, and  prayer requests from prisoners and Chaplaincy team are  emailed to those willing to pray.
New volunteers are always welcome to join the team . There are many opportunities to get involved in this “mission field on our doorstep".
Not all these activities take place all the time. but if you are interested in any particular activity please contact:
Howard Taylor - taylorhc@talktalk.net 01273 472185
Dick Field - richardfield3@btinternet.com 01273472884


For more information about Prison Fellowship, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Feba is working to inspire people to follow Jesus.


They are making it a priority to work in places where it is hard to be a Christian, which often means working in communities that are rooted in other faiths. They work in places where people’s lives are often affected by war, crisis or disaster.


Feba always work with local partners on the ground and wherever possible alongside the local church.  They believe God has called them to use the power of radio and other audio media to help people come to know Jesus Christ and then support them in their ongoing lives as his disciples.


For more information about Feba, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Open Hands was founded in England in 2010 by TRINITY member Rebekka Maughan. The charity works in Romania with the most vulnerable and neglected children.


Rebekka and her team, which includes two Trustees from TRINITY congregations, bring the transforming love of Christ where the need is the greatest and currently work with 90 children and families, from extremely poor backgrounds. Children are reached through two programs which focus on education, health and practical help.


Open Hands bears witness that with the love of Jesus nothing is impossible and that through the power of His love all things can be achieved.

For more information about Open Hands, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Lisa Meadows - River Of Life, Uganda

For more information about River Of Life Church, take a look at their WEBSITE HERE

Standing Order

After PGS which is the simplest, the next easiest way to give is to set up a bank standing order that comes direct from your bank/building society account at a time to suit you.


If you are a tax payer then for every £1 you give a further 25p can be claimed by the church from the Inland Revenue; all you need to do is to sign a 'Gift Aid'  form.


Useful Links

A Rocha website



www.arocha.org (international site)


Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals


Ethical Purchasing

As a church we are committed to creation care and want to make responsible and ethical choices in all areas of church life. To support us in the endeavour we have agreed a policy on Ethical purchasing and created an accompanying set of guidelines.


Download our Ethical Purchasing Policy HERE.


Download our Ethical Purchasing guidelines HERE.

Managing Lifestyles

Everyone has a part to play in looking after God’s creation through our lifestlyes. Areas to consider are:

Cutting down on how much we consume by living more simply.

Modifying our purchasing choices.

Increasing the opportunities for biodiversity within our own gardens.

Join the team

If you have a passion for the environment then we would love to have you as part of our team. Working in our churchyards at Southover, South Malling & St John's is an ongoing part of our work and we regularly have fun and friendly working parties for gardening and maintenance of the grounds.


In the future we will be working on renewable energy solutions to the heating and lighting in our church buildings. Any expertise on the energy side of our work would be gratefully received.

Contact Us

Our telephone number is 07852 221449. Anyone can contact the service by telephoning or texting and leaving a message. We will respond as soon as possible, normally within one to two working days.


Please use this number to enquire about counseling availability, or to make or change appointments.


For other enquires we would appreciate contact by email or by letter to:


Southover Counselling.
Church End,
1 Cockshut Road,
Lewes. BN7 1JH
Or email Southover Counselling

Professional Training

Southover Counselling organises occasional professional training days for counsellors and pastoral workers. These days are designed for those already within a professional or voluntary counselling role and contribute towards Continuing Professional Development.

All training days are advertised on our website or details sent to those who have previously attended training days and wish to be on our mailing list. If you are interested in being on our mailing list for the next study day please contact us via email, telephone or post.

Useful Links

NHS Choices www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety


CAMHS https://czone.eastsussex.gov.uk


MIND http://www.mind.org.uk

Bereavement Course

Walking through grief takes a long time and no two people have the same loss or the same journey.


We offer a 6wk course called "The Bereavement Journey" on Mondays at various points each year. It's held at Church End, TRINITY Southover from 7- 9 pm providing support and community for anyone who would like to share their journey within a small group.


It is run in partnership with TRINITY Church and is open to anyone with faith, no faith, whether recently bereaved for some months or years.  There will a small charge for the course booklet and light refreshments.


If you feel you would like to join this group or know someone who might be interested. Contact Jeanette Clifton for further information. 07852221449 or via email.

What our clients say

When a client completes a programme with a counsellor, we always ask for feedback. With the clients' permission, here are some comments we have received.


'A counselling service that has been professional and that I could truly trust. '


'more at peace with myself and my life as it is now. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I would recommend Southover Counselling to other people. My counsellor listened and suggested strategies, and helped me understand myself more and like myself again. Thank you'


'I am clearer about my past and more optimistic about my future'.


'Very friendly, welcoming and patient service. Always professional'


'This has been a truly wonderful and helpful journey for me. I have learned so much, and have looked forward to each session'.


The first session will be exploratory and there is a minimum charge of £10. If you decide to go ahead, your first task will be to agree a programme of appointments and costs. The Counsellor will discuss financial arrangments.

It is a policy of Southover Counselling that no one should be excluded from the service on financial grounds. At present our costs are £40 for individuals and £50 for couples. A reduced rate can be negotiated depending on circumstances.

Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes. If you have to cancel a session please give at least 24 hours notice; otherwise 50% of the agreed fee is chargeable.

In order to maintain our services we regularly fund-raise and receive donations from organisations and individuals. We appreciate all contributions to aid with the continuation of our services.

What to expect

Therapy is not an instant cure. Your counsellor will aim to develop with you a supportive relationship within which thoughts and feelings around current or past experiences can be safely shared and explored. This can help you to gain new insights about yourself and your situation.


Through this changed perspective, you may be enabled to respond differently to your situation and to experience personal growth. This may involve a regular meeting with your counsellor over a period of weeks or months.


The number of sessions and timing will vary according to your needs.


For more information about how we handle sensitive data and comply with GDPR please CLICK HERE

Our Team

We have a team of professionally qualified counsellors who are either members of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or the Association of Christian Counsellors.


They regularly update their knowledge and skills and some members of the team have a particular expertise with couples, youngsters or people with specific issues.


As part of their Continuing Professional Development they attend supervision and provide evidence of ongoing learning and development.


See the BACP online Glossary entry for Counselling and Psychotherapy or visit their website www.bacp.co.uk for further information.


About us

Southover Counselling is a professional counselling service based in Lewes, East Sussex. It is a service that was established 10 years ago and works with clients from youngsters to older people.


It employs a team of professionally trained counsellors who are all members of a recognized professional body. Its services are offered to all irrespective of belief, gender, race, disability or sexual orientation.


Our Carers

All our carers are fully DBS checked, and monitored to ensure they give the care you expect and deserve.


Care Quality Commission

The CQC certificate can be viewed HERE.

You can view Southover Community Care's Data Privacy Notice HERE.

What services can
Southover Community Care provide?

Help with getting up or going to bed

Preparing meals

Washing & ironing

Cleaning your home

Personal hygiene

Taking you out for leisure activities


Help for the blind e.g. with correspondence

What we do

By assisting you with daily tasks our friendly staff will help you to live your life to the full, by giving you the freedom and dignity to make your own choices.

For more information contact Janette Watkins the Registered Manager on 07866 301384.

The Prospects Team

The Team are all Christians with a personal faith and a passion for sharing Jesus with people who are often over-looked in society.

What happens at Prospects?

Praying & learning about God

Making friends & chat

Music & singing

Drama & dance

Games & quizzes

Craft activities

Food, tea & coffee!

Prospects Ministry focuses on making worship, Christian teaching and fellowship accessible to people with a learning disability or difficulty, using multi-sensory teaching, drama, craft and music in small groups.


TRINITY Prospects is affiliated to the Count Everyone In organisation who provide training and teaching materials.

Where & When?

Lewes Goes Strictly runs for 6 weeks with a Beginners class at 7.30pm, tea, coffee and practice time at 8.30pm.


The venue is TRINITY Church Southover and access is via the back door on Cockshut Road.

All our evenings are delivered under the expert tuition of East Sussex Dance.


Cost & Sign up

Cost is £30 for the 6 week course and sign up is done online. When a new term is due to start further information about sign up will be found here.


Dances each term vary but Social Foxtrot, Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha Cha and Rock Jive.

What's Involved?

Have fun and meet new people while dancing in the beautiful, historic setting of TRINITY Church, Southover.


Sessions are relaxed and informal - novices and experts equally welcome!

Join as an individual or a couple - either way is fine.

LSG is open to all

In 2014 Lewes Sings Gospel were the winners of the BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year award. While our musical standard and public profile has increased, our vision remains the same: LSG is for all, and anyone can join regardless of ability or experience. You do not have to have any particular beliefs or the ability to read music.

Join LSG this term

Rehearsals run for 13 weeks in the Autumn & Summer terms. All rehearsals take place 7:30-9:30pm at TRINITY Church St John sub Castro in Lewes with doors opening for refreshments from 7pm. Our end of term concerts take place in early January & late July.

The cost to participate in the Lewes Sings Gospel Term is £100 plus £10 non-refundable registration fee.

Registration is through our website only and requires a non-refundable deposit of £10. Registration and payment of the deposit secures a provisional place on the term and also pays for access to the first rehearsal.




Your provisional place will be held until the start of our second rehearsal. The remaining £100 is payable by this time in order to secure your place in the choir for the term.


A £10 deposit is made alongside the initial booking via the link above. The remaining £100 can be paid as follows:

1) By cash or card during or after the first rehearsal, or before the rehearsal on week 2.

2) By bank transfer (BACS). Details available at first rehearsal.

LSG End of term concert

Each term culminates in fantastic evening full of music and gospel energy with a packed house. Concerts are usually in early January and mid July.


Tickets go on sale  about 6 weeks prior to the concert on our website.

Legacy Gift in your will

Finally, you can leave a legacy to the church in your Will which will help the ongoing mission of the church.

Christian Mission Support

Are you planning to go overseas with a Christian mission or charity organisation? We would love to support you.

Whether you would like us to; put you in touch with experienced missionaries or overseas charity workers, help you with fundraising ideas and events or pray for you while you are away; please let us know and we will make every effort to support your specific needs.

1-2-1 Mentoring

Perhaps you’re considering a leadership role within the church or a Christian organisation, or maybe you’re going through a particularly challenging season in your life. If you feel you would benefit from additional spiritual support then we can arrange for you to have 1-2-1 mentoring with either a senior volunteer or a member of the church leadership team. Please contact Tom for details.

Bible Study

For those who would like to grow in their Christian faith together, we meet fortnightly in a local home for Bible study and prayer. If you decide that this is for you then we offer you a complimentary Life Application Study Bible (NIV) and invite you to commit to the sessions for a term at a time.

These sessions are designed for Christians with a fair knowledge of the bible, who want to unpack things at a deeper level using study notes.

Young Adult Alpha

We offer a young adult only Alpha Course for anyone who is interested in learning more about Christianity. The course is run twice a year and - due to the complexity of the subject - we ask you to commit to a couple of hours on a Thursday evening for six consecutive weeks.

Each Thursday evening a meal is provided and then there is a teaching session for about 30 minutes followed by a time for Q&A. Please contact Tom for details.

You can read more about the national Alpha Course here.

Online Community

We stay connected during the week through two different Facebook Group pages. The main page, ‘Eighteen25’, provides the opportunity to share news, request support and generally tap into the young adult online community at TRINITY.

Community Care

We actively encourage everyone to support other people within our church and local community. We currently make gifts and craft items for an older adult group of over 70s called ‘Monday Club’. We are currently looking to get more involved in local charity work and local environment preservation initiatives.

We also see many of our young adults support the life of the church by regularly serving at church services in a range of roles; from making tea to playing in bands.

Student Support

We have four part-time volunteers who are able to offer 1-2-1 support to students either (1) studying in the area or (2) who live locally and are studying away. By ‘support’ we mean help with any aspect of student life.

Emotional Support - from offering advice and information about counselling services, to assigning a volunteer to check in with you regularly during a particularly stressful period.

Practical Support - from financial advice and support, to help with application forms, to a volunteer taking you to a doctor’s appointment.

Spiritual Support - 1-2-1 prayer, bible study and spiritual counselling is available from some of the volunteers and can also be made available from TRINITY Church leaders.

Informal Gatherings

In addition to formal events we encourage informal gatherings too. These are mainly communicated online (see Online Community) and include; cinema trips, music gigs, board/computer gaming meet ups, walks and meals. Volunteers are not usually present at these gatherings.

If you find the thought of meeting a new group of people intimidating, please contact Tom. We can arrange for you to meet one or two ‘regulars’ informally before you try a formal event night.

Sunday Events

We meet regularly on Sunday nights from 8pm for organised events.

These have included; craft/engineering/drama/choir/cooking/percussion/fitness workshops, pub quiz/board game nights, ‘Escape Rooms’, night walks, ‘The Apprentice’ challenge, volleyball/baseball/gladiators and a murder mystery dinner.

Organised event nights are open to anyone aged 18-25. You do not need to have a faith or attend a TRINITY service.

Lighthouse - Preschool group

Wednesdays, 9:30 - 11:30am

A weekly group for preschoolers and their parents/carers. There will be toys, snacks and activities for the little ones, including craft, singing and stories - plus a cuppa is never far away for the grown ups too with all our usual café deliciousness. £2.50 per family.

Year 9-13  //  Fridays 7:30 - 9:30pm during term time

The TRINITY Centre

The Edge is our Senior youth group new for 2019. Open to anyone in year 9 - year 13 the group is jam packed with mad activities, chill out time and off site adventures! We meet every Friday during term time.


Contact - Dave@trinitylewes.org

The Sesh  //  Youth Band Night

Our bi-weekly youth band night. Open to anyone age 13 - 18 with a passion for making music!

We'll play a mixture of popular songs as well as worship songs, with The Sesh being both a place our youth worship teams can rehearse and practice as well as a place where we can get stuck in with playing some of our favourite songs together!

We meet at The TRINITY Centre from 18:30 - 20:00 on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month

Contact - dave@trinitylewes.org

Sunday collection for church ministries.

If you want your Sunday collection money to go to the church rather than the monthly mission partner put it in one of the envelopes with red printing.  If you are a taxpayer then put your details on the front of the envelope to add the Gift Aid which we claim back.

Sunday collection given to mission partners.

Each month we give to a different mission partner and if you wish the money to go direct to them you need to use the envelopes with the BLACK writing on. Put your details on the front of the envelope to make it eligible for Gift Aid.  Details of which mission partner it is for the month appears on the back of the notice sheet.

Regular Giving via envelopes

If you prefer to give what you can regularly on a Sunday you can have some envelopes from the Deputy Treasurer, with your own giving number written on them, this unique number identifies you, and again tax can be claimed back if you complete a Gift Aid form.  All you do then is to place the envelope in the collection bag on a Sunday.  The Deputy Treasurer can give you your number (or you can select your own if it is not already taken).  The Office will supply envelopes.

TRINITY Church, South Malling:
A Historic Guide

The current church building was built in 1628, replacing an earlier medieval church.  We have memorial stones in the churchyard dating back to 1609.

If you would like to know more about the interesting history of our church, you can download a copy of a history of the church HERE which was written in 2002.  Printed copies are also available which include some photos and illustrations.

Church and Churchyard Memorials/Gravestones

CLICK HERE if you would like to download a transcript of the wording from each stone.

Family History & Records

The registers containing historic details of baptisms, weddings and burials at the church are held by:

East Sussex Record Office
The Keep
Woollards Way
Telephone: 01273 482 349


Email: thekeep@eastsussex.gov.uk


A list of the records held there and other information can be found HERE.

TRINITY Church, St. John sub Castro:
A Historic Guide

You can find a huge amount of additional information about St John sub Castro HERE on the dedicated history website.

There is evidence to suggest that the site upon which the present church of St John sub Castro is built, together with its churchyard, served as a Roman camp. The site was probably chosen because of the steep natural banks to the West, North and East, and its ability to command a nearby crossing point on the River Ouse.

There is also evidence to suggest that a church may have existed on the site in the 8th or early 9th centuries – perhaps to establish a Christian presence amidst the pagan burial mounds which were both on the site and in close proximity to it. The dedication to St John supports this theory – the feast day of St John coincides with the pagan rituals associated with mid-summer.
There is strong evidence to support the existence the church by the 11th century.

In the early centuries following the Norman Conquest, evidence points to St John’s having acquired minster status.

In the 17th century, the St John’s rector is recorded as being the best endowed in the town, but notwithstanding this, the church had fallen into disrepair – probably due to a decrease in the local population.

In the early part of the 19th century however, residential development in the immediate area gave rise to the need for a much larger church. The mediaeval church was therefore demolished in 1839, and the present church built adjacent to it on the site of one of the remaining pagan burial mounds.

The new church comprised a large aisled nave, with a small Sanctuary at the liturgical East end, and an iconic castellated tower at the West end. There were galleries to the North, West and South sides. It was consecrated on 3rd June 1840.

The chancel slab of the original church can still be seen in the churchyard, and other features of it are built into the external fabric of the present church – most notably a Triple Arch doorway (generally recognised as being of Anglo-Saxon origin); the inscription commemorating a Danish anchorite of royal descent whose cell was in the medieval church (c.1200); and the James Lambert memorial. All of these are believed to be in need of conservation.

Relics of the original church are also to be found inside the present church – for example the mediaeval font, the three bells (two of which are listed and dated 1724), and a number of memorials.

The church was altered in 1883 by the removal of the liturgical West gallery, and an extension at the East end to form a Chancel, Sanctuary, and vestries.

The Powell stained glass in the apse was designed by Henry Holiday, and there are Kempe and Savell windows in the North and South aisles.
The two-manual organ was built by Bishop in 1882, rebuilt by Morgan & Smith of Brighton in 1927, and restored in 2011.

For further details see

The Sesh  //  Youth Band Night

Our bi-weekly youth band night. Open to anyone age 13 - 18 with a passion for making music!

We'll play a mixture of popular songs as well as worship songs, with The Sesh being both a place our youth worship teams can rehearse and practice as well as a place where we can get stuck in with playing some of our favourite songs together!

We meet at The TRINITY Centre from 18:30 - 20:00 on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month

Contact - dave@trinitylewes.org

Our choir sings almost every Sunday at our 10am services and once a month at our 4:30pm service

We are a growing SATB choir and are open to all ages and abilities. As well as regular services we also sing at special TRINITY events and at other churches.


Throughout the year we also put together an orchestra for special occasions. If you play an orchestral instrument to a reasonably proficient standard (Grade 5-6 or above) please do contact us if you would like to be involved.


For more information about the choir or orchestra please contact Stella Hull

Our sung worship is supported by a fantastic team of sound and screen operators


As much part of the worship team as the musicians and singers, the Sound and AV operators enable our worship each Sunday across all our congregations but most notably at our 9:30am, 10am, 11:15am & 6:30pm services.

If you have some experience or skill in technical areas we'd love to have you in the team. Get in touch and we'll arrange to meet up and discuss the next steps.

Our worship team is made up of contemporary musicians who play guitars, keys, bass, drums, sing and melody instruments.

This group serves our 9:30am(monthly), 10am, 11:15am and 6:30pm congregations  each week.


We love to encourage anyone who wants to develop their gifts in music; please to get in touch and let us know which instruments you play.


We will arrange to meet with you to discuss the next steps.  The contemporary musicians meet monthly for a team night, rehearse before each relevant service and serve on a rota basis.

Walking, Cycling & Sailing!

TFM holds walking weekends twice a year and organises an annual cycling trip to France each summer. We've also been known to form a crew and sail over the channel!

Each walk is carefully chosen to include beautiful scenery, an interesting route and plenty of good food. Recommended for anyone who needs a good dose of fresh air and light exercise.

Le Tour is standout fixture in the annual TFM calendar - with great company, some friendly competition and European cuisine, the men’s cycling weekend is always a winner.

TFM Socials occur throughout the year

A great chance to get to know other men in the Church or invite new friends, events are organised throughout the year. Sometimes around food, playing sport or watching national sporting events even organising BBQs for the whole church!

Men's Weekend Away
Bowles Development Centre

Every year we use a weekend away to encourage each other in life, faith and friendship. This year we're returning to Bowles Development Centre to engage our bodies as well as our minds!

Men's Breakfasts
Church End, TRINITY Southover

A Full English breakfast and food for thought: groups meet regularly for a hearty breakfast and either discussion on a chosen topic or an in-depth bible study.

1st & 3rd Thursday each month, 2:30 - 4pm, Chapter House, TRINITY Southover

Links meets fortnightly for friendship and support, speakers and outings. Open to both Church and community members

Creative Conversations
4th Thursday each month, 2:30 - 4:30pm, Chapter House, TRINITY Southover

Creative Conversations is open to all women and includes cake and an opportunity to discuss a range of topics. Welcome to bring a friend.

Social Events for women

Throughout the year various events for women are organised. More details in the upcoming events calendar, in the Notice Sheet and on the TRINITY Facebook page.

3 residential opportunities each year

House Party - Our annual weekend away together, packed with activities, games, seminars, workshops and opportunities to explore what Jesus is all about - Normally in the 2nd half of the Autumn term. Open to anyone year 7 - year 13

May Camp - New for 2020 we'll be going to May Camp, a great long weekend camping together jammed with fun activities, outdoorsy madness and chances to worship together! Over the late May bank holiday weekend, this is open to anyone in year 7 - year 11

DTI  (summer festival) - The highlight of the year! We take a group away to a Christian summer festival which this year will be DTI (Dream the Impossible) in stafford. Rammed with cafe's, sports, activities, seminars, teaching, worship, games, madness and hot chocolate mountains this week is not to be missed! Open to anyone in year 9 - year 13.

Deeper Bible Study for teens

We run 2 weekly Youth small groups - Lads group and Girls group, Both are a place to chill out together, look at what the bible says into our lives today and to share the ups and downs of teenage life together! Both groups are open to anyone in year 8 - year 13

Pathfinders is our group for school years 7-10 at our 10am & 11:15am services

Pathfinders is a fun and relaxed program for Junior youth (years 7-10). We explore the bible and its relevance to our lives in an interactive way.


Meet us at TRINITY Southover at 10am  or TRINITY St John sub Castro at 11:15am each Sunday (during term-time) where we are in the service for 10 minutes before heading off for activities.


On the first Sunday of the month we stay in church for the whole service to meet together as part of the church family.

For Young Adults Aged 18-25
Sunday nights, 8 - 9:45pm
TRINITY Southover

A community of young adults focused on supporting one another in our faith. We meet at 8pm on Sunday evenings in the Chapter House to have dinner together before the programme begins.

For Young people in year 9-13
Sunday nights, 6:30 - 8:30pm
The TRINITY Centre

Our brand new weekly youth gathering! We have dinner together cooked for you by your wonderful youth leaders, followed by time exploring what being a young Christian looks like in 2021 - with talks, video's and time in small groups to chew it all over! We ask for £2 per young person to cover food costs.

Sunday nights  //  6:30 service followed by "After Hours"

TRINITY Southover

Food, fun & faith for 14-18 yr olds. We normally join together for the 6:30pm service and then have desert together followed by a fun programme.

New this year is our Milkshake and Toasty bar every Sunday night!

Contact - dave@trinitylewes.org

Year 7-9 // Tuesdays 7 - 8:45pm during term time

The TRINITY Centre

The HUB is a vibrant place for Youth to hang out on a Tuesday evening and one of the 2 main weekly TRINITY Youth events.

We have a varied programme each week including games and sports, Mocktail bar/live music, Chill space, Chat room, Arts and crafts and much more.


Contact - dave@trinitylewes.org

TRINITY Voices is our friendly "cafe choir" for retired people. Every Tuesday 10:45am -12:15pm at TRINITY St John sub Castro

If you are retired, love music, singing and like the idea of meeting new people whilst having fun, come and join us! No singing experience necessary.


Refreshments from 10:45am. Singing from 11:15am - 12:15pm


£3 per session including refreshments


Contact Emilie Watson on 01273 470144 for more information.

Monday Club is a group for over 70s.
Every Monday from 10am to 2pm.

Monday Club is primarily for those who live on their own, who value the chance to meet up with others and share community together.


We have a regular programme of fun activities, and guests speakers, and a quality home-cooked lunch is served every week.  Our friendly team ensure a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.


Throughout the year we also put on regular trips to places of interest.


If you or a relative is interested in joining us at Monday Club, contact Janette Watkins.

We have a range of Sunday services with special care available for Seniors.

People of all ages are welcome at all our services. For those seeking to be Grandparents of the church we have our 9:30am, 10am and 11:15 congregations with members ranging from infant through to 80+.

If a quieter, more traditional style is preferred our 8am communion or 4:30pm service may be more suited.

Click here for details of all our Sunday services.

CAMEO - "Come And Meet Each Other"
Thursdays, 1:45 - 4pm
Church End, TRINITY Southover

Cameo is a relaxed afternoon drop-in group for parents and young children.

Come for friendship, relaxation and termly bring and share lunches which begin a bit earlier at 12:30pm.

Contact Neil for more details

Inspire - Bible Study for mums
Fridays, 9:45 - 11:15am

Inspire is a Bible study group for mums, during which your babies and toddlers are looked after to leave you free to discuss the Bible and real life with peace of mind.


The ‘inspire’ group meets fortnightly. For more information about the group get in touch with Jules.

TRINITY Home Groups

Home Groups form a central part of our church life. They provide a basis for Bible study and discussion, and enable us to care for one another within a group of friends.


Home groups take place fortnightly, and most are on Wednesday evenings. If you would like to become more involved in the life of TRINITY Church, joining a home group is a good place to start. For more information contact Ian Taplin.

Connect Teaching

At various points throughout the year we interrupt our normal midweek groups and hold one-off teaching events. The purpose of these events is to allow time to explore subjects which are hard to cover adequately in a standard Sunday sermon.


These teaching nights may be held at any of our locations, are advertised in plenty of time and are open to all


Get in touch with Steve Daughtery for more information.

Prayer & Praise

At Prayer and Praise meetings we come together to praise and worship, to seek God and to pray for the ministry of the church and beyond.


Join us monthly on a Wednesday night at The TRINITY Centre, St John sub Castro with refreshments from 7:45pm and focussed worship and prayer 8-9pm


Get in touch with Martin Dyer for more information.

Church Hall, TRINITY Southover

St. James Street, BN7 1HR

Our Church Hall is located on St James Street, off Southover Highstreet and is used daily by TRINITY Church ministries, Southover Nursery, community groups and private hirers.

Many of our Youth and Children's groups and events are run here on Sundays and during the week as well as other special TRINITY events throughout the year.

Church End, TRINITY Southover

Cockshut Road, BN7 1JH

Church End is used on Sundays alongside our services as a base for some of our youth and children's programmes, during the week for meetings, Monday Club, Alpha and other groups.


It is also home to Southover Counselling and the registered offices of Southover Community Care.


Church End is accessed via Cockshut Road and has Disabled parking available for those attending events.

TRINITY St John sub Castro

Abinger Place, BN7 2QA

A historic building, churchyard and highly visible landmark located in the town centre on the corner of Abinger Place.


Also known at The TRINITY Centre, this location is home to our 11:15am & 4:30pm congregations, a community Cafe and our "Love in Action" ministries. It also hosts a number of other midweek events such as Lewes Sings Gospel, TRINITY Voices, Boogie Bunch and is used by a variety of community groups.


Information on the history of all our buildings can be found on our Historic Guides page.

TRINITY Southover

Southover High Street, BN7 1JH

A historic building and churchyard with links to the nearby Priory located on Southover Highstreet


This location is home to our 8am, 10am & 6:30pm congregations and also hosts a number of other events throughout the year such as Holiday Club, various concerts, Lewes Goes Strictly and TRINITY Connect events.


Information on the history of all our buildings can be found on our Historic Guides page.

The parochial church council (PCC) is the executive committee of TRINITY Parish and consists of clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with representatives of the laity. Legally the council is responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish and the maintenance of its assets, such as churches and church halls, and for promoting the mission of the church.


Jeremy Bamber, Jules Middleton


Ian Graham, John Jardine


Trevor Meadows, Andrew White, Ron Hammond

Elected Members

Tim Charman, Carole Darling, Sandra Denton, Rob Hoy, Ian Hempshall, Jacalyn Boyes, Letchimi Wall, Joy Shave, Michelle Hammond

Deanery Synod Representatives

Biddie Mutter, Anne Almond, Sharon Philips, Ian Rothery, Ian Taplin, Milly Murphy


Ruth Jayawant (Treasurer)

Licensed Lay Worker

Janette Watkins


Martin Dyer, Dave Sinclair

TRINITY South Malling

Church Lane, BN7 2JA

A beautiful building and churchyard tucked away at the end of Church Lane!


This location is home to our 9:30am congregation and also hosts a number of other events throughout the year such as Children & Family Craft mornings & community BBQs.


Information on the history of all our buildings can be found on our Historic Guides page.

The Alpha Course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening manner over ten thought-provoking evenings and an away day.

All evening sessions take place at Church End, Southover, starting with supper at 7:30pm followed by a short talk, coffee, and a chance to ask questions and discuss.

Week 1: Who is Jesus?
Week 2: Why did Jesus die?
Week 3: How can I be sure of my faith?
Week 4: Why & how should I read the Bible?
Week 5: Why & how should I pray?
Week 6: How does God guide us?
Week 7: How can I resist evil?
Week 8: Why & how should I tell others?
Week 9: Does God heal today?
Week 10: What about the Church?
Away Day: Who is the Holy Spirit & what does He do?

We run two Alpha courses each year usually starting February & September.

To find out when the next Alpha course starts and to book yourself a place please get in touch with the office.

Our Journey

It is natural for people to want to gather together with others who share the same tastes and outlook on life. It would be easy and very comfortable for TRINITY to focus its ministry on a particular cultural age group or personality type. But God does not often call us to opt for the comfortable life! Instead, as we humbly engage with our differences this is how we are stretched and grow. We believe that this is part and parcel of the gospel message to “love one another” and we want it to be one of the key marks of our church. We want to strive to make TRINITY a place “where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord”.


As we serve others we long to see people progress in their journey and become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who see themselves at the heart of God’s people at TRINITY. It is possible for people to see themselves at one of four stages in their journey of faith:


Outside Church Community – someone who has no particular interest in Church.
Church Fringe – someone who is exploring their faith and who sees themselves as a guest rather than a host when attending something that we do.
Congregation – Someone who sees themselves as a host rather than a guest but has not yet found the place to exercise their ministry.
Committed to following Jesus Christ – Someone who is personally committed to becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and seeing this happen in others.


We want to do anything and everything possible to help people grow in their faith. To do this we must develop an exciting and engaging series of ministries that develop the core values across all groups of people.


We believe that each of the Building Blocks and each of the groups of people are important and we wish to progress on all of them together. This is possible because we see the function of leadership not primarily as “doing” but as helping to equip, harness and release the ministry of the whole congregation. Leadership involves helping as many members of the church as possible to see where they fit and how they may use their gifts. Having said this, progress will be determined by the people and resources that God gives us.


What are the implications for us?

As a response to this strategy we will develop an action plan for each of the Building Blocks and for each of the groups of people. Every year we will use this action plan not only to show us our “next step” but also to help us understand where we have come from and where we are going. Our strategy and our action plan will be communicated as widely as possible so that they may be shaped and changed by the congregation as we grow.


May God bless us as we journey together.

TRINITY’s Five Building Blocks

There are five purposes of our Church’s mission, based on the dynamic life of the early church in Acts Chapter 2. These purposes are:

1. Preaching & Teaching

We want to be hungry to know God deeply and personally through the Bible, and for our lives to be shaped and directed by His word.

2. Fellowship & Pastoral Care

We want to be an all-embracing and outward-looking community, in which we support, care for and love each other as God loves us.

3. Worship & Prayer

We want to glorify God and experience His love in our worship, be refreshed and sustained by a real encounter with Him and see Him move in response to our prayers.

4. Service & Social Action

We want to be so motivated by Jesus’ sacrificial love that we will serve others to make a radical difference to our Church, Lewes and beyond.

5. Mission & Evangelism

We want to share the joy of God’s good news in a natural and relevant way, so that many come to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

Our mission is to build wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, ”Love the Lord our God with all your heart , and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength; … and love your neighbour as yourself”. Mark 12v30


As a church family we are from many different backgrounds: from lighthouse keeper to architect; we’re single, married, widowed and divorced; young, old and somewhere in between. We long to grow in every aspect of our being (e.g. deeper in our understanding of God, more caring in our relationships, larger through helping people find God). This desire to move on and to grow in our love of God and for each other is at the heart of who we are. For TRINITY, maintaining the “status quo” is not an option, we hunger to respond to God’s love, to be transformed, to grow.


TRINITY Church exists to build wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ. This is our mission and it shapes who we are and everything we do.

"to see lives transformed by the love of Christ."

Jesus said: ‘I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.’ John 10:10


Jesus Christ came to teach, to serve and to heal. Most importantly, he came to die for us, so that we might be offered a life lived in relationship with God. Jesus invites us to find in him the security, joy, friendship and adventure which we have all been made to enjoy. We believe in the power of this Good News to change lives and communities, and Jesus sends us to be agents of that change across our town and beyond.


This vision is the heartbeat of TRINITY.

6:30 Service - TRINITY Southover

The 6.30 service is our most lively service, with music led by our worship band. The congregation is made up of youth, young adults, and older folk, usually totalling around 90-100 people.


The service format is simple: after a short introduction, we sing worship songs for around 15-20 minutes with space for open prayer, after which there is a reading and sermon.


After the sermon we respond with some more sung worship, during which there is prayer ministry available. We take Communion together on the first Sunday of every month.

4:30 Service - TRINITY St John sub Castro

The 4:30 service meets fortnightly on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday each month and has a more traditional style with music led from the organ or piano.

11:15 Service – TRINITY St John sub Castro

The 11:15 service meets every Sunday morning at St John sub Castro. Families with young children make up much of this congregation, usually of around 50 adults . After some tea and pastries, we start at 11:30 with worship altogether with the children.


After the children go to their groups, we sing for around 15-20 minutes, led by a contemporary band. There is a 20 minute sermon, followed by closing songs during which prayer ministry is available.


On the first Sunday of the month, we have an all-age service which is more informal in feel with shorter talks and livelier music and normally lasts 45-50 minutes.

10am Service – TRINITY Southover

The 10am service is a very busy service, attended by about 160-180 adults, sometimes more. Do arrive 15-20 minutes early for the best choice of seating! There is always a lively buzz at this service, with plenty of families also attending. After an opening all-age song followed by a hymn on the organ the children leave for their groups, and the service continues with a mix of readings, hymns, songs, prayer time and a sermon.


The 10am service mixes both traditional and contemporary styles of music evenly, led by an organ or a music group, plus our choir of 10-15 people. The service includes a 20-25 minutes sermon and normally lasts between 65-75 minutes. On the second Sunday we celebrate Communion.


After the service there are refreshments served, during which lots of people hang around to meet one another and chat! On the first Sunday of the month, we have an all-age service which is more informal in feel with shorter talks and livelier music and normally lasts 45-50 minutes.

9:30 Service – TRINITY South Malling

The 9:30am congregation meets every Sunday. Throughout the month you could expect all age services, more structured liturgical worship with music led from the organ, Communion services and band led “Morning Praise” services.


The services include activities for children and there are refreshments afterwards.

8am Communion – TRINITY Southover

The 8am service is a quiet and reflective service, hosting a handful of people (between 10-15) each week. There is no music, but the service follows the traditional ‘Book of Common Prayer’ service. You will be given a prayer book and a notice sheet as you come in, and invited to sit wherever you please.


The service includes a 20-minute sermon, after which communion will follow: anyone who considers themselves a Christian is welcome to take communion. The whole service usually lasts about 45-50 minutes, after which tea and coffee is served.

School Years Reception - Yr6
Tuesday 27th - Friday 30th Aug 2019
TRINITY Southover

Every summer we host a four-day Holiday Club for school age children from Reception to year 6, featuring a wide range of exciting and imaginative activities whilst exploring Christian teaching and themes.

This Summer we're taking off on a space adventure in Space Games 3000. You can register now HERE.

For Parents, babies and toddlers
Thursday 12 noon to 1:45pm
The TRINITY Centre, St John sub Castro

This is a great chance for parents and carers with babies and toddlers to enjoy a adult sandwich lunch and a chat.  There are always plenty of toys and helping hands as well and friendly volunteers!

For Parents, babies and toddlers
Every Thursday in term time
Session 1 - 9:30 - 10:15am   Session 2 - 10:15 - 11am
TRINITY St John sub Castro

Our weekly singing group for parents and preschool children.

Sunday Groups

Children aged 4-11
Sundays 10:30am
TRINITY St. John sub Castro


We are currently holding all our Sunday morning children activities at TRINITY St John sub Castro.

After singing one or two songs together with the adults, children continue to learn about and worship God in their groups with their leaders.

Our sessions aim to help children build a relationship with the living and true God, through fun and interactive teaching, including games, bible stories, craft and more.


School Years 4-6
Friday 5:15 to 6:45pm
Church Hall, TRINITY Southover

Generally each week we will start off playing games and buying tuck (bring some pennies), followed by finding out something amazing about God. Then it’s time for our activity that week! We wind down by finding out who our blobs are that week (blobs are a bit like stars of the week)!

Cost is £1 entry and there is a tuck shop, so bring some extra pennies!