Holy Week Reflections

By Jules Middleton

Holy Saturday – in the Grave Read: Luke 23:50-56 What, if anything, stands out to you? Listen: Stations of the Cross by Malcolm Guite 13 and 14 click on the numbers to get the audio   Artwork: two choices today: ‘The Deposition’ Ugolino de Nerio – look close up at the faces of Mary and Jesus  … Read more

All God’s Creatures

By Creation Care Team

One of the most confusing aspects for me as a Christian is to reconcile our attitude towards animals with God’s word and purpose, which I believe is for the whole of creation. There are many reasons why Christians may be ‘spiritually blind’ concerning this subject, one of which is uncertainty in interpretation of animal behaviour. … Read more


By Ian Hempshall

The adoration of the crucified risen and ascended Lord Jesus Imagine a dark church at 3 o’clock in the morning, you have been woken from sleep by the church clock. You struggle into wakefulness and strike a match which shines out into the church and you light a candle that is placed before a simple wooden … Read more

Trees For Life

By Creation Care Team

I wonder if you, like me, feel guilty about flying to foreign parts for a holiday? I hate to think of the damage done to our environment and the ozone layer by aeroplanes. Friends of mine have taken the pledge not to fly any more, for this reason. But I do love exploring different places, … Read more

Listening to the right voice

By Jules Middleton

Last term I spoke at the 6:30 and encouraged the congregation to think about who they follow (eg: a sports team, band, someone on social media) and then invited them to shout out that thing all at the same time. The point being that you then couldn’t hear what everyone was saying, which is a … Read more